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About Us

Event Jazz, based in Istanbul, is a pool of the best Jazz musicians in Turkey. You can choose different formations as Duos and Trios or even bigger formations are possible.

Event-Jazz-Istanbul is specialized for fitting every event where smooth Jazz in the background is demanded. The band fits with its equipment in any room or place where 2-4 square meters are available. The overall volume of the performance allows you to have conversations and not feel disturbed by loud music that dominates the room, yet still gives a flair of a relaxed jazzy atmosphere. This might be:

company events, dinners, presentations, celebrations, openings, exhibitions, private party, marriages or birthdays

In short, everywhere you need a decent jazzy atmosphere. All the musicians featured in our ensembles are professionals with degrees acquired from prestigious conservatories and performing successful at national and international occasions.


Event-Jazz-Istanbul is founded by German bassplayer Andreas Metzler.

Andreas Metzler is a german bass player, born in Bern (Switzerland) and graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He lived there for almost 20 years and has played at a number of national and international occasions with local and international musicians (Gary Smulyan, Dick Oatts, David Friedman, Tony Miceli, Okay Temiz, John Engels, François Lindemann, Saskia Laroo, Michiel Borstlap, Patrick Manzecchi…). Andreas has played in many different groups and styles: Ton Art Ensemble (Avantgarde) Hamburg 1998, Shibly Band (worldmusic) Skopje Acoustic Festival 2001, Nomy Rosenberg Trio (Gypsy Jazz) 2009, Native City since 2008 (Jazz), Macrocosmos since 2015 (Bartok, Satie), Oriental Wind since 2016 (turkish Jazz), Stanpolites since 2018 and many more. Since 2015 he lives and works in Istanbul.

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